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Bankruptcy Litigation
Attorneys in Greensboro, North Carolina

The term "bankruptcy litigation" refers to a particular type of dispute arising from or relating to ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. Depending on the nature of the issue, this may take the form of a "contested matter" or an "adversary proceeding." Often, this litigation occurs only in Bankruptcy Court, but sometimes the matter finds its way into U.S. District Court.

These cases may involve such issues as requests for relief from the automatic stay that arises from the filing of a bankruptcy petition, disagreements among parties over the priority of liens or other interests in property, or contests involving claims of fraudulent transfers. Handling these matters requires knowledge of bankruptcy law and procedure, which the Law Office of B. Tyler Brooks, PLLC, can provide.

We are prepared to assist clients with contested matters and adversary proceedings in bankruptcy in any of North Carolina's three U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. We can also handle appeals of such matters to U.S. District Court and for even higher levels of judicial review.

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